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Available for instant download right now at no cost to you...M1 Waveform Viewer

Capture waveforms from any scope, digitizer, or EDA/SPICE tool...
Then explore, share, analyze, and document the waveform wherever you prefer using the 22 built-in measurements/statistics, FFT, and Eye diagram. Or, instead of sending just a static screen shot, instantly send a fully explorable waveform to remote colleagues for assistance, review, or immediate decision closure using the Send Waveform button. If they don’t have M1WV, they can click a link in the email and instantly download it.


  • Explore - Examine, compare, & understand waveforms
  • Share
    • Collaborate - Exchange informed technical opinions with collaborators... accelerate your workflow...
    • Communicate - Let your team/customers/suppliers know about an issue
    • Clarify - End struggling with pictures & poor verbal explanations... send fully explorable waveforms instead of just pictures
  • Analyze - Measure using two dozen built-in voltage and time/jitter parameters, including FFT and Eye
  • Document - Archive M1-WV waveforms so you can go back and re-examine your device without having to recreate the setup when new issues come up
  • Student or Professor?  If you would like to understand in more detail how M1 WV can contribute to workflow in the academic environment, click here.


  • Zero cost - Instant download. Installs in seconds.
  • Save/share waveforms from
    • All your platforms - Oscilloscopes (including digital channels from MSO scopes and the Tek WaveStar format, digitizers, and EDA simulation tools
    • All your brands - Acqiris, Keysight/Agilent, Cadence, GaGe, Hewlett-Packard, Teledyne/LeCroy, Mentor Graphics, National Instruments, Rohde & Schwarz, Textronix, Yokogawa, Spectrum, and Teradyne/ZTEC.
  • View/explore waveforms anywhere... at your desk, at home, on the train... just as you would on the scope
  • Collaborate - Share waveforms and the tool itself instantly via email
  • 22 built-in waveform measurements - both voltage and time/jitter
  • Eye diagram and FFT/spectral view
  • Complete statistics on all measurements and across sequences of waveforms... more than you’ll find in any scope!
  • Explore/compare multiple waveform cases simultaneously
  • Winner of EETimes Ultimate Product Award

"With many vendors engaging in difficult and user-hostile licensing it is most refreshing to see an honest offer such as yours. You should have GREAT in your experience rating list." - Gary Schneider, Hi-Techniques, Inc.

Download M1 Waveform Viewer
Agilent Technologies
Rohde & Schwarz
Agilent Technologies
National Instruments
Agilent Technologies
Mentor Graphics

Click for specific information on how the no-cost M1 Waveform Viewer can make your life easier
Explore your waveforms more quickly and easily than ever before
Share complete, explorable waveforms rather than a screenshot and a poorly-worded email
You're not limited to only viewing 4 or 5 parameters at a time - see them all at once
Instantly produce professionally-formated reports to document your findings
Work with waveforms wherever you want away from your desk - even on a plane
Bring the waveforms to the place where you work with your team rather than having to bring the team to the waveforms
Work with your waveforms at home while playing with your children
M1 WV is the recipient of a customer-voted Ultimate Product Award
Grab data from your scope or digitizer and then analyze it wherever you want - or call up a waveform you acquired years ago for a second look
When talking with a product manager from a major EDA manufacturer not too long ago, he admitted that his waveform analysis tools were no better than a pad of graph paper, and his dilemma is far from unique. We can fix that, allowing you to examine simulated waveforms from any EDA tool in ways that are miles ahead of the EDA companies.