M1 Waveform Viewer™ New Features

Making the award-winning no-cost tool even more useful

  • Like its big brother M1 Waveform Tools™, M1WV™ now supports waveforms from digitizers and EDA tools from all major manufacturers as well as adding Rohde & Schwarz to the list of oscilloscope brands it has always supported.
    • Engineers can now use M1WV across the entire device life-cycle, from design through test and debug, and even beyond to customer support and failure analysis.
    • All of ASA's software is age-agnostic and has never dropped support for a platform since we invented the waveform-handling software space in 1994.  You can rest assured that your oscilloscopes, digitizers, and EDA tools will be supported for a long time to come.
    • Since digitizer systems and EDA simulations frequently use more than the 4 channels available from a scope, M1WV now supports up to 128 channels of analog data per waveform.
    • For a complete list of supported platforms, click here.
  • Eye Diagram and FFT have been added to the nearly two dozen voltage and time-domain measurements already available, giving M1WV more measurements than most platforms have available from their front panel.
  • Support has been added for the Tektronix WaveStar file format.  Unlike Tek, who no longer support this format themselves, ASA doesn't believe in leaving customers behind.  We welcome former WaveStar users, and ensure them that M1WV will never drop support for reading their existing waveform library.
  • Support has been added for the Agilent Technologies WFM file format.
  • A New User Wizard supplements the existing online training video in helping new M1WV users quickly become experts.

More about M1 Waveform Viewer

Instead of sending just a static screen shot with a vaguely-worded email to a colleage, M1WV allows you to instantly send a fully explorable waveform for assistance, review, or immediate decision closure using the Send Waveform button. If they don’t have M1WV, they can click a link in the email and instantly download it.  For more information on M1 Waveform Viewer or to download and try it yourself, click here.