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Broadly Expanding the M1 Vision and Capability Set

ASA will be issuing a series of Press Releases detailing the huge number of new capabilities added to our flagship M1 Waveform Tools as well as updates to the popular no-cost M1 Waveform Viewer™ and several revolutionary new accessory products.  This page will be updated frequently to reflect each new batch of functionality as it is announced.

Sound interesting? 

No other tool in the waveform-handling software market has been in continuous release even half as long as M1.  We invented that market and have been the dominant first implementor of new functionality and ideas in it. Before this release, the vision and capability set of M1 Waveform Tools literally dwarved that of any other waveform software.  With the release of v7, we are not only providing a massive expansion of the capability set, but more importantly substantially broadening the already enormous vision.  No other portfolio on the market even attempts to address the scale of end-to-end workflow acceleration of customer waveform handling activities (measurement, analysis, automation, collaboration, debug) that M1 addresses, let alone attempts to address them in an anti- proprietary, platform-agnostic, brand-agnostic, age-agnostic manner.  Or at anything less than a customer-punishing price.  There is no rational reason for a customer to waste their budget on the so-called tools and the associated limited visions from the platform manufacturers.”

- Mike Williams, President and Principal Product Designer for the M1 product family

New M1 Waveform Tools Capabilities

Major improvements in collaboration, new-user assistance, and more

Since this market was formed with the release of M1 in 1994, ASA has remained committed to a program of continuously improving our tools, and our record as the dominant first-implementor of new capabilities is a direct result of that commitment.  M1 Waveform Tools v7 provides another strong set of enhancements designed to further advance M1’s position as the leading waveform workflow tool in the Test & Measurement market.”

- Mike Williams, President and Principal Product Designer for the M1 product family

  • Collaboration - Waveform Comments enable better collaboration by keeping the discussion connected to the waveform.  Waveform Comments:
    • Can be attached to a particular position on the waveform being analyzed, in any measuerment
    • Are recorded with a timestamp and author so that collaborators can accurately record and track observations and responses between users
    • Can be shown in a table that allows for immediate navigation to any Comment in any measurement, and will even open the required measurement if it’s not already available
    • Can be marked as ‘retired’, causing it to show up differently in the Comment table to enable easy differentiation of what issues remain to be addressed
  • Waveform categorization and tagging - File Tags enable users to document important information about a waveform that greatly simplifies later reuse.  File Tags:
    • Ensure traceablity by automatically including information on the date/time/instrument on which the waveform was originally acquired
    • Automatically include signal information such as voltage min/max and summary results of any measurements that are open
    • Can be automatically saved across sequences of waveforms, ensuring this information is always available throughout the entire test set
    • Can be viewed without having to load the waveform into M1 by simply hovering the cursor over the file in Windows Explorer
    • Can assist in finding a desired waveform without having to open multiple waveforms in M1 while searching
  • New User Assistance - The M1 Assistant enables new users to become productive immediately.  The M1 Assistant:
    • Complements the existing online training videos, Enhanced ToolTips, Self-Demos, and other assistive technologies already available in M1WT
    • Provides one-button access to a wide variety of common tools and capabilities
    • Instructs the user on how to reach a feature from the normal M1 UI, so that they can eventually stop using the Assistant
    • Can be customized to prominently display the most recently used features or a specific set of features the user selects
  • Other enhancements
    • Color-graded Eye Diagram - enables users to get a visual feel for how often their waveform passes through different parts of the eye, and can assist in visualizing issues such as duty-cycle distortion and data-dependent jitter
    • Performance improvements - the introduction of multi-threading in key calculations, as well as significant performance improvements in some algorithms, allows waveforms to be processed up to an order of magnitude faster

All-Platform  -  All-Brand  -  All-Age

Accelerating your entire waveform workflow... from design through test and deployment

M1 Waveform Tools™ incorporates multiple major areas of functionality that result in extraordinary flexibility and make M1 your ideal choice for constructing and operating multi-analysis or multi-platform/multi-vendor test stands, including digitizer systems with up to 100 channels that are now equivalent in functionality to a bench scope. This flexibility is a direct result of M1 being written not to sell you a particular brand of hardware, but to accelerate real-word workflow that incorporates many different brands and types of hardware.

ASA's philosophy of supporting all platforms, all brands, and all ages of instruments leads to a number of benefits:

  • Perpetual support - Unlike the platform manufacturers, ASA never stops supporting an instrument
  • Service Life Extension - Don't let ScopeCo's business model force you into purchasing new hardware
  • Decouple software and hardware - The functionality layer shouldn't depend on whose hardware you happen to be using
  • Correlation by design - Multiple teams, different instruments - ONE algorithm
  • No 'Death by 1000 Cuts' - Don't buy multiple point-functionalities at exorbitant prices
  • Training, procurement, and collaboration services - Services enable you to optimize your entire workflow

Wondering whether ASA supports your waveform-acquisition platform?  Click on a link below for a list of supported manufacturers and instruments/software of the appropriate type:

M1 Waveform Viewer Contest

Qualify to win $1,000s of M1 products just by registering a free product

  • M1 Waveform Viewer is a no-cost tool that enables users to explore, share, analyze, and document waveforms acquired from oscilloscopes, digitizers, or EDA simulation tools from any major manufacturer
  • M1 Waveform Tools is the acknowledged ‘gold standard’ and innovation leader in the waveform-handling tools market that was invented by ASA almost 20 years ago
  • M1 WT enables analysis, exploration, characterization, debug, compliance testing, and more of waveforms from any platform and any brand of scope, digitizer, or EDA tool, including older instruments that are no longer supported by the manufacturer
  • M1WT and M1 Reader also provide unparalleled collaboration, automation support, and more, at a price point much lower than that of the narrow, proprietary software add-ons from the manufacturers, thanks to the M1 Vision for total waveform workflow support
  • Click for complete contest rules

New M1 Waveform Viewer Capabilities

An award-winning tool is made even more valuable

  • Support for all the same new platforms as M1WT, as detailed above under All-Platform, All-Brand, All-Age
  • New User Wizard
    • Assists first time users and others who may be unfamiliar with waveform-handling tools learn to quickly use the product
    • Walks users through common tasks such as connecting to a scope or digitizer to acquire waveforms or loading previously saved waveforms that were sent to them by collaborator
    • Users also still have access to our existing online video training
  • Support for up to 128 channels of analog data
  • Addition of Eye Diagram and FFT measurements - M1 WV now has greater measurement and analysis capability than is native to most oscilloscopes and all digitizers or EDA tools

For more information or to try M1 Waveform Viewer for yourself, click here.

M1 Waveform Viewer For Education

Benefits for professors and students alike

  • Students can easily share complete, fully-explorable waveforms with lab partners as well as with the
    professor/Teaching Assistant if they have questions
  • Lectures and homework assignments can include previously-saved waveforms, bringing more real-world experience and principles into the classroom
  • A standardized reporting format for labs/projects let the student allocate more time to the engineering lesson

For more information on how M1 Waveform Viewer can benefit academic users, click here.

New Automation Capabilities

Expanding M1WT's already industry-leading feature set

  • Express Test™ - allows users to easily create efficient test automations without needing to know how to program, including a one-click way to quickly return to the exact subtest in a Compliance App that caused a failure
  • MacroScripts™ - automate and repeat common workflow tasks by simply recording and saving your actions
  • API extensions - M1WT's external control library has been significantly enhanced to reduce the time and cost of creating a Test Executive using NI LabVIEW, Agilent VEE, Python, Perl, etc.

For more information about M1 Waveform Tools' extensive waveform-workflow automation capabilities, click here.

New Compliance and Decode Apps

Free compliance testing and decode for a variety of popular standards

  • 10Gb Ethernet Compliance App
  • USB 3.0 Compliance App
  • Power Analysis App
  • LPDDR2 Compliance App
  • DD3 Compliance App
  • DDR4 Compliance App
  • SATA Decode App

New M1 Family Products

Eliminating the headaches of broken instruments and simplifying colloboration

  • M1 Emergency Licensing Server™ - M1 ELS™ enables M1WT users to instantly transfer an M1 license in a production test system to another waveform-gathering platform to eliminate downtime caused by the need to repair, calibrate, or replace a failed instrument.  For more information on how M1 ELS can keep your test stand working even when you don't have an exact match for the failed hardware, go here.
  • M1 Waveform Exchange™ - You often need to exchange waveforms with partners, customers, and vendors to support collaboration and problem-solving.  M1 Waveform Exchange allows you to easily share fully explorable waveforms, even if your partner is not a current M1 Waveform Tools user.  For more information about how M1 Waveform Exchange can save you time and money, go here.

We learned this phrase from the platform companies. They used it in conjunction with other phrases like "customer sensitivity to minimum viable functionality". At ASA, we call this design philosophy "half screwed together". It's never acceptable at ASA to solve only part of the problem or try to guess what the customer won't notice before they buy it.
M1 Waveform Tools - Waveform-handling tools for the thinking engineer and his organization
M1 Waveform Viewer - Explore, Share, Analyze, and Document waveforms from any oscilloscope, digitizer, or EDA tool
M1 Emergency License Server - 'On the shelf' emergency instant license transfer capability to eliminate delays or downtime when an instrument needs repair, calibration, or replacement